10 Reasons Why Northeast Tennessee Can Make Money for You!


1.  Workforce  

We have more than 300,000 available employees rich in manufacturing backgrounds and strong work ethics ready to train for your particular business in a right-to-work state with excellent labor-management relationships.

2.  Training 

Site selection consultants nationwide continually rank Tennessee's Industrial Training Service (ITS) in the top 10 in the nation in training and how effective the programs are in helping companies develop a ready workforce.  

3.  Developed Sites and Buildings 

Fast response with current site data is a priority.  Updated computerized site and community data, including location, available utilities, transportation, zoning and demographic statistics is readily available by phone and on our web site.

4.  Infrastructure  

Low utility costs in our region translate to higher profits.  Great electric rates, an abundance of natural gas, advanced digital and fiber-optic networks, and all other amenities associated with developed industrial sites are available. 

5.  Location 

Centered around the Tri-Cities Tennessee region with a trade population of 1.2 million, our strategic location in the southeastern United States offers access to more than 70 percent of the nation's population within one-day truck delivery.

6.  Transportation  

Strategic interstate access (I-81, I-40, I-26, I-75, I-77), rail service (Norfolk Southern and CSX), 55 interstate trucking companies, commercial air, charter and air freight services, and a Foreign-Trade Zone all facilitate market accessibility. The Tri-Cities Airport provides one stop service to domestic and international locations and is undergoing major facilities upgrades.    

7.  Cost of Doing Business

Incentives which allow companies to enjoy some of the nation's lowest costs of doing business include numerous tax credits based on investment and job creation, pro-business communities, and no sales tax on industrial machinery and equipment, raw materials or pollution control equipment.  

8. Technology Resources  

Located in the Tennessee Technology Corridor, we take advantage of our region's technological resources - universities and technology associations - to give your company the competitive advantage you need to achieve your goals.

9.  Diverse Economy

Our region's economy is diversified and includes medical technologies, a broad range of manufacturers, corporate headquarters and distribution centers.

10.  Profit is a Good Thing

We work hard for you before, during and after you make the decision to establish your business here.  We help you make sound business decisions and avoid costly mistakes.  We help you produce your product faster and more profitability.  Let us help you.