Utilities & Communications

The Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association area has a solid infrastructure including cutting-edge communications systems that are affordable and widely available; utilities and energy resources with excellent reliability at costs below the national average.

The land, air and rail transportation systems provide convenient and efficient access to all major markets in the U.S.


Communications infrastructure is outstanding and competitive with larger metropolitan areas.
  • Redundant Fiber Optics Cable
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • SONET Ring (Self healing OC-12, OC-48) – offering ultra-high bandwidth speeds
  • DSL, Cable Internet, ISDN
  • Multi-carrier local telecom, digital and analog wireless services




Supplied by the municipal and cooperative distributors of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and by American Electric Power, TVA’s electricity rates are well below the national average:
  • Industrial rates are 26% lower
  • Commercial rates are 15% lower
  • Residential rates are 25% lower
The largest power producer in the nation, TVA is also among the most reliable.
For the past ten years, TVA’s transmission system delivered power to customers with 99.999 percent reliability. TVA’s transmission system lives up to its reputation for strength and reliability by delivering record amounts of power without interruption to its customers. Read more
TVA is ready for the future. TVA has a diverse mix of power sources, including coal, hydro, nuclear generation, combustion turbines, and renewable resources that keep power flowing to its customers. In 2007 TVA successfully restarted Browns Ferry Unit 1, the first new nuclear generating capacity of this century in the United States.

Natural Gas

Atmos Energy is the largest natural gas supplier in the U.S. and is the major supplier to the region.
  • Lines are 12" and smaller.
  • 1030 BTU per cubic foot.
  • Firm gas available up to 60,000 therms per month.
  • Large volume available with prior notification.
  • Interruptible gas is available.


  • Industrial and specialty chemicals are readily available.
  • Industrial and ultra-pure are gases readily available.
  • Excess water processing capacities are available throughout the region.
  • Sewer districts are operating under capacity in most of the region.


The NETVRIDA region is a mid-point between Canada and Florida and one of the best locations in the country for distribution of your products to major markets in the U.S. based on population concentration. The region has been recognized by transportation providers as the most ideal location for distribution reaching 76 percent of the nation’s population in one-day’s travel.