FWG Special Springs Selects Northeast Tennessee for first U.S. Location

FWG Special Springs Selects Northeast Tennessee for first U.S. Location

FWG Special Springs, Inc., headquartered in Grevenbroich, Germany, announced today that it would initiate its first U.S. operations at the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Innovation Lab in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Founded in 1981, FWG (Federnwerk Grevenbroich) is a world leader in the production of metal springs for a wide range of industries.  FWG supplies industries such as safety valves, general valve production, equipment for conventional or nuclear power stations, machinery and earthquake-proof foundations, and vibrating conveyor and screens. FWG also produces for the lock industry and general engineering. The company serves customers in 17 countries worldwide.

Speaking at the welcome luncheon for FWG, Alan Bridwell, Executive Director of the Northeast Tennessee Valley Regional Industrial Development Association, said, “We are excited to have this company which has had great success in Europe and Asia, choose Tennessee for its first USA location.  We are also appreciative of the partnerships between the NETVRIDA and ETSU, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and community leadership which have enabled us to conduct recruiting in Germany and the European Union.”

Representing the ETSU Innovation Lab, Director Dr. Audrey Depelteau, said that “the Lab is thrilled to work directly with FWG Special Springs as they enter the North American market.   The purpose of the ETSU Innovation Lab, a business incubator, is to nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable and to generate the necessary resources to ensure their success.  We are in the process of developing a "soft landings" program which provides essential services and partnerships for international companies wishing to get started quickly in the U.S."          

Representing FWG on the visit to Tennessee were CEO/President Manfred Albrecht and Vice-President, Markus Rosenzweig.  Mr. Rosenzweig commented, “I am totally optimistic and impressed with the people here and the work they have done.  Our plan is to begin with a small office and within one year or maximum two, begin a production facility here.” 

Contact information for FWG Special Springs is:
Ryan Lilly, General Manager
Address - 2109 West Market Street, Suite 152, Johnson City TN 37604. 
Phone: (423)-979-8472 
Web:  www.fwg-springs.com.

Contact information for ETSU Innovation Lab is:
Dr. Audrey Depelteau, Director
Address - 2109 West Market Street, Johnson City TN 37604.
Phone: (423)-439-8535
Web: www.etsuilab.org.



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